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Dear ARRL Central Division Member,

   Today the ARRL has announced the start of the new Volunteer Monitoring program effort which will be led by Mr. Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH.
Mr. Hollingsworth has most recently been serving as the ARRL Vice Director for the Atlantic Division. In the today's announcement is has been noted that Vice Director
Hollingsworth will resign from that position in order to begin the  implementation of this new ARRL program.

(The following article is from the ARRL Letter 2/14/19)

ARRL is getting underway with the development phase of the new Volunteer Monitor program and has contracted with former Atlantic Division Vice Director Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, to oversee
the development and implementation of the program, which replaces the Official Observers program. Hollingsworth, a retired Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enforcement official,
has resigned his vice directorship in order to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest.

“I am grateful for the Atlantic Division ARRL members supporting me, but I think I can better serve the Atlantic Division, and all ARRL divisions, by working in the Volunteer Monitors program,”
Hollingsworth said in his resignation letter.

ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, said that Hollingsworth is the ideal person to lead the ARRL’s efforts in the development and implementation of this joint program with the FCC. “I support
Riley’s decision to concentrate his efforts on this very valuable project  on behalf of the ARRL,” said Roderick.
(Details on appointment of a  new vice director for the Atlantic Division are still to be determined.)

The new Volunteer Monitors program, which was approved by the ARRL Board in July 2018, is a program of the ARRL in cooperation with the FCC in which volunteers trained and vetted by the ARRL
will  monitor the airwaves and collect evidence that can be used to correct  misconduct or recognize exemplary on-air operation.
Cases of flagrant  violations or noncompliance will be directed to the FCC by the ARRL  for action in accordance with guidelines establish by the FCC. The  intent of this program is to re-energize
enforcement efforts in the  Amateur Radio bands. It was proposed by the FCC in the wake of  several FCC regional office closures and a reduction in field staff.

Hollingsworth has identified three phases to the program – Development, Solicitation and Training, and Implementation.
The Development phase will include drafting a mission statement, clearly defining the ARRL’s and FCC’s requirements and needs as part of the program, writing a job description for the volunteer
manager position, and developing a training manual for volunteers.

The Solicitation and Training phase will involve identifying the geographic locations where volunteer monitors will be most needed, soliciting applications and screening applicants.
Current Official Observers will be invited to apply for appointment as Volunteer Monitors (VMs). The ARRL Board continues to express its appreciation  for the OOs and their dedicated volunteer
service over the years.

The Implementation phase of the program will involve having the volunteers providing field reports and ARRL staff providing guidance to the volunteers to ensure that the information collected meets FCC
requirements. In addition, there will be continuing education provided to the volunteers.

Hollingsworth has committed to FCC and ARRL officials to ensure the adequacy of training for the new positions, to review the quality and utility of Volunteer Monitor submissions to the FCC for
enforcement actions, and to advocate for rapid disposition of cases appropriately submitted to the FCC.

ARRL officials estimate that it will take 9 to 12 months for the first Volunteer Monitors to begin filing their reports.

(end of excerpt from the ARRL Letter 2/14/19)

   In other ARRL News,  the new ARES-2019 plan is posted on the ARRL website.
Please follow the link to;
http://www.arrl.org/ares-plan for more detailed information.
With the recent departure of Mike Corey, KI1U, from the Emergency Manager position at HQ there will be a slight delay in the release of several portions of the program such as the
publication of Position Task Books.

   The ARRL Board meeting this past January was very productive in a  number of important areas.   If you are interested in the details of the meeting the final approved minutes
of  the ARRL January 2019 Annual Board Meeting have been posted at;

The new Proposed Rules and Procedures for the Ethics and Election Committee, referenced in the minutes as "Appendix A" has been posted at;

   As a reminder you can find the most current amateur radio news in the ARRL Letter at;
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  GUD DX es 73,
         Kermit W9XA

Former Wisconsin Section Manager Don Michalski, W9IXG, SK
08/11/2018  [ARRL]


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